ICBC Foundation

The ICBC Foundation is one of the leading academic institutions in the field of international trade within Argentina



The ICBC Foundation is one of the leading academic institutions in the field of international trade within Argentina. With more than 40 years of experience, it is committed and dedicated to international trade, regional integration and the internationalization of Argentine companies.

Its main activities are developed by the International Trade Institute, which includes four areas: the School of International Trade, the Courses and Seminars area, the International Trade Promotion area, and the Culture area. All of them are part of the social responsibility activities of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Argentina.



The Foundation seeks to contribute to the development of the argentine foreign trade sector, and help to spread knowledge around the world of Argentina’s capacity to offer competitive and high quality goods and services. “Help us fill the world with Argentine flags” -the Foundation’s historical motto- still rules the steps taken by the institution. .


Capacitar recursos humanos

To train human resources specialized in foreign trade, competent to participate in the process of internationalization of companies operating in the country and facilitate their competitive insertion in the world and in the region - especially within Mercosur -;

Facilitar a través de sus actividades

To facilitate through its activities the process of up-grading the capacity of small and medium size firms to draw and develop their foreign trade activities, and

Contribuir al proceso de estudio

To contribute to the process of studying, disseminating and debating the issues that are key to the competitive insertion of Argentine goods and services in global and regional markets.

When undertaking its activities, ICBC Foundation focuses on the following areas:

  • The training of specialists who can operate in fast changing environments;
  • The understanding of the incidence of cultural diversity in international trade and business;
  • The relationship between information and communication technologies and the ability to compete in global and regional markets;
  • The dynamics between trade and international investments in different regions of the world;
  • The knowledge of the institutions and rules that have an impact on public foreign trade policies, and that are part of the framework of collective disciplines in the world and the region, especially those of the World Trade Organization and Mercosur;
  • The use of leading education technologies, including those used for digital learning.

Legal framework and funding

The Foundation is a non-profit, legally independent organization; structured within the legal regulations of Argentina. It has its own governance body, integrated by members of the Bank staff and the Director of the International Trade Institute.

The annual budget depends largely on the contributions of the Bank, but it is at the same time financed by the income originated by its activities.